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2017 Top 10 ~ My First Trip to Wrigley (#2)

I am a huge baseball fan, HUGE.  It started when I was a kid and my parents would take me to old Exhibition Stadium in Toronto to watch the Blue Jays play before they moved to the Skydome, now named the Rogers Center.  I…

2017 Top 10 ~ Camping Trip to Ottawa (#3)

To start July I celebrated my 45th birthday, and shortly afterwards I had 10 days scheduled off from work for a nice long vacation.  One I felt was sorely overdue after the events of the previous 11 months and the experience of separating, selling…

2017 Top 10 ~ Jeep Wrangler “Willy’s” (#4)

I loved my 2005 Saturn Vue, a car line that was discontinued at some point when American motor sales were struggling and GM closed down this particular line of vehicles.  I drove two of them in a row, and would have continued to purchase…

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