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Can’t Stop The Feeling!

The next song on my list to share is Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop The Feeling!  This one is a favorite of mine to include in my early morning routine, and it came on the shuffle this morning.  I just cannot help but to get up and dance around every time that I hear it as it’s catchy beat and fun lyrics just make me want to move around. I have […]

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2017 A Year in Pictures

It would seem that a lot of bloggers like to recap the year, as many of the sites that I follow and read have done this recently.  I also happen to think it is an excellent idea to take note of where you have been, so it can help you focus on exactly where you want to go.  I spent a part of my morning scrolling through my recent Google […]

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Holding Out For A Hero

I’ve been updating my workout playlist, as recently my cardio workouts have lasted longer than the actual music on the playlist.  Not a bad thing when I did my 10km run a few days ago as the last km home I could hear the snow crunch under my feet as I was closing in on home, and the breath in the air and my heart pounding in my chest… So […]

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Keep Dancing in the Light

There is a light burning in everyone. You see it in a child’s smile or the kind gesture of being told Merry Christmas by a complete stranger. I have come to a place in my life where I fervently look for this light in every situation I am placed in. There is always some good, one just needs to find it. And when I do, I never stop Dancing in […]

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This Song Saved My Life

I discovered this song only a month ago around the time Emily turned 16 and moved out for a short while.  It helped me get through some dark times then and it makes me cry every time I hear it as I think of her, and how she save my life.  She was my catalyst for change, she was my turning point, she saved my life.  Last one for today, […]

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Doesn’t Really Matter

Well perhaps this one is my favorite song, air drums every time I hear it.  Doesn’t really matter where I am… in my car, baking in the kitchen or in the middle of the bay while kayaking… Doesn’t Really Matter ~ Platinum Blonde It’s been a hard day in the city Affects you in the most peculiar way A dull day don’t seem pretty We’ve said all that there is […]

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