2017 Top 10 ~ The Man Cave (#8)

Most guys would either have their man cave in the garage or perhaps down in the basement.  I would argue the conversation goes something like, “You want to do what?  Not in my house…”  I jokingly say that as when the idea struck me to build my own recreational room I knew I would have no limitations and could put it wherever I wanted.

The storage area this room was to start with.

The first thing I needed to consider was the room dimensions as I knew the centerpiece of the room would be a brand new pool table.  Living in a four bedroom townhouse with four children, well I didn’t have many options.  Had I been living at my old house, which had the perfect Great Room that would have been a pool and ping pong heaven, alas the choice here were down to three.  The basement offered the most room, but no thanks.  That left either the front room or the family room attached to the kitchen.


The front room offered a few more feet of space and was the winner.  Originally this room had turned into a kid storage area, with some toys but didn’t really get used all that much.  So in July construction begun!  I cleaned out my basement, which in all reality didn’t have much in t to begin with and that area was turned into a kids play palace and Dad workout area.  The large floor space is enough for them to run around, ride bikes and wiggly cars, and when they leave all their toys scattered about well no can see it!!

I scavaged all my pop culture items that I had for a while, and some I haven’t put up on walls in years.  Can someone explain to me why I can’t hang Star Wars posters in my house when they are a big part of defining who I am?  I had to look at two ladies playing the violin for years and was never explained what was important about that painting or why I had to stare at it for nine years…  I would much rather have had Darth Vader scowling at me instead.  My Star Wars posters are originals back from when the films first came out, I have had them for almost 35 years and have been hard mounted on wooden frames and are the centerpiece of the room.

Growing up a big sports fan, and having the extreme pleasure of meeting 4 players from the 1992 and 1993 World Champion Toronto Blue Jays and I have some autographed memorabilia as a result of those meetings.  I also went out shopping for additional pieces to the room, and added my own homemade items as well.  I knew the room would need a chalkboard and or a dry erase board to keep score, etc… I had able to turn one are eisle into two custom scoreboards and four home made lightsabers that act as picture holders and chalk holders along the wall.

I’ve added Canadian flags, and some DC Comics items as well focusing on Superman and a few other items as well.  Walking around just looking at the room, I can tell you where each piece comes from and why is it important to me, why it was an important part of my history.

The room will never really be finished, as I continue to add more bling for the wall every once in awhile.  A new R2-D2 wall bust being the latest boxing day purchase to be installed this weekend… this room has quickly become my favorite in the house and one where I am completely at peace.  The kids enjoy this room almost as much as I do… almost.


Megan and I enjoy playing ping pong together, and she is quite good.  She has already beaten me a few times playing, and plays smart.  Always putting that ball where I am not, and requiring me to make super athletic feats just to return the ball.  Once she learns how to hit an overhead smash, I am completely toast.

Jennifer, Austin and I love to play pool together.  At the moment they use their hands to  roll the ball into the pockets and have so much fun.  It’s spending time with Dad that they love, but both will grow up being excellent pool players, and it’s also great for working on the hand eye coordination.

I’ve have my circle of friends over many times and we always end up playing pool or darts, during baseball season I move a TV into the room and would come home after work through on a Dodgers game and shoot a few racks.  You could call it my happy place.

I have also received many positive comments on the room when it is seen for the first time, I remember the time I had ordered Domino’s pizza for the first time and the delivery driver was so enthralled with what he saw I invited him in to take a look around.  Twenty minutes later a different driver showed up at my door with a 2L Cola (that I didn’t order) and I suspect when the first driver got back to the store he was sharing the story of the awesome room that he just saw and this second driver had to see it for himself.  Got me a free 2L cola out of it…

Two final thoughts on the rec room, as it has turned into my favorite place in the house.  It will be fully transportable when it is time to move to another house and can re replicated and enhanced at the new place.  More items can and will be added to the walls as time goes by, but much more than all that is the memories that have been creating in this room with my friends, but more importantly my children.  Boyfriends are starting to come around and the kids entertain in that room, I have family events in there all the time and my pool game has improved by 500% over the past six months.

I love my man cave, everyone should have one of their own!

Too much turkey…

And there goes Luke’s hand, as Darth Vader slices it off in the epic fight scene at the end of The Empire Strikes Back, I’m watching my fourth Star Wars movie of the day.

“No. I am your father.”

Perhaps one of the most mis quoted Star Wars references, as most would say, “Luke, I am your father…”  What started around noon with The Force Awakens, Rogue One, A New Hope and now Empire, with of course Revenge, er Return of the Jedi still to come.

See the real Star Wars fans will appreciate the above paragraph, and the other 99.9999999% of you will think I’m nuts, but that is okay!  This is what single guys do when they don’t have any kids at home as I’ve found myself today.  In the fun snowfall of Christmas Day I had the extreme pleasure of watching my four children experience the magic that is Christmas morning.

I always have such fond memories of my days as a child and the excitement to the build up of Christmas, it was my favorite time of the year.  Christmas hands down every time, I guess my parents did a great job of making sure that it was a magical time of the year and I’ve tried to do the same for my children.  This was my first Christmas as a single man, and (aside for some wrapping assistance, thank you) I had to do everything myself.  Funny what you take for granted in a couple, that you have to take care of on your own.  However I love this stuff, and I think I rose to the challenge pretty well this year.  Let the pictures speak for themselves…

And while my face may not have shown it that morning, I was feeling it inside.  I feel I took on just a bit too much with kids school functions, sugar cookie orders, my own Christmas baking, a full Christmas dinner at home on Christmas Eve and then driving my kids back to their mom’s houses in the blizzard.  The Jeep did what she was born to do and I zipped through with easy and control and a feeling of safety.  I love my car.

I had an emotional Christmas Day that ended much better than I thought it might, surprising what can happen when your open and honest.  While there is a mountain to climb, and a shit storm of things to figure out, it shall at the very interesting and the time of our lives to quote an old favorite song of mine…

This morning, I ate cookies for breakfast (thank you Mrs. Kershaw your Christmas treats where delicious as always) and I haven’t had them in several years.  I guess it was a thank you for driving out the girls from Barrie to Orangeville, I really don’t mind and that had become a Christmas tradition for me now.  Ha ha that’s kind of cool as I just realized that… As I type this the Imperial March from the end credits of Empire is playing and it’s epic!!!!

During that drive I get the listen to some great music, sing aloud take all the back roads I can find and just make it an awesome experience.  This year I killed it and everything about that drive was great.  Mrs. Kershaw even packed me leftover turkey, and with today’s feedings my turkey meal count stands as follows.  Dec. 23rd two plates turkey dinner, Dec. 24th two plates turkey dinner, Dec. 25th one plate turkey road snacks dinner, and one plate home leftovers, Dec. 26th two plates turkey dinner…

That is eight turkey dinners in a row.  What is wrong with me?  I’ve still got two more meals tomorrow to finish that bird.  I mean I like me a good protein but ten turkeys plates in a row is asking a bit too much, no?

In between the Star Wars marathon today I’ve been playing a lot of pool today as well, and I have to say I’ve found a recent mental clarity when shooting a rack that I feel I’ve improved by 200% in the past month.  I cannot wait for my buddy Ryan to get out her soon so I can dust that poore boy, he won’t know what hit him.  Ryan I’ve considered my measuring stick if you will, he is a 29 year version of me.  So when 45 year old me can beat him in golf this summer, and now pool well I am doing okay, ha ha!


I cannot tell you the number of comments and compliments that my Man Cave gets as it rocks the entrance to my house, and I love it.  It encompases everything about my childhood growing up and all of my current loves and interests.  I even take all my baking photos on top of the pool table…  It is my everything room and brings me such peace when I get to be in there, it has so many different feels and vibes to me all dependant on how you want to set the mood, just like a Transformer, just like my Jeep.  Anyone sensing a theme here?  Yes I am just abid kid at heart, and wouldn’t have it any other way!  I’ve got a few more games of pool to get to, as I continue to search for that perfect rack and run the table, as that day is getting close…

I can feel it, small goal of mine to see it happen in 2017.  Happy Holidays everyone!