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The Monday Morning Blahs…

It’s another snowy day here in Barrie, calling for continual snow until about 1pm today and that mean lots of shovelling for me.  I enjoy the workout aspect of snow removal but when your entire body is tired and sore, well it’s not something that I am looking forward to at all today. I’ve challenged myself to a 100 straight days of running, and yesterday I hit the 7 day […]

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2017 A Year in Pictures

It would seem that a lot of bloggers like to recap the year, as many of the sites that I follow and read have done this recently.  I also happen to think it is an excellent idea to take note of where you have been, so it can help you focus on exactly where you want to go.  I spent a part of my morning scrolling through my recent Google […]

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The Joining Driveway Dilemma

I live in Central Ontario, and I would often comment to my wife at the time when we would drive up here to visit them just how much snow fell throughout the winter.  I am six five in height and often the ends of driveways were taller than I was.  Just crazy. Five years ago we moved up here and bought a house that had a four car driveway… I […]

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