Welcome To Six Kid Chaos!

56243822051__b2bdd996-49cc-48ab-9f4a-d02220e1913cMy name is Edward Dillon, and I am a single father of four pretty amazing children.  Three girls, and my baby boy.  Now there was a time in my life where I did actually have six kid under my roof, hence the term Six Kid Chaos was born.  I lived many years happily raising six little humans, and life was good.

Life still is good, these days it’s an adventure raising my own four, while navigating the world of online dating, working full time, pursuing dreams and hobbies, and the emotional adventures of 17, 14, 6 and 4.

Two years ago my wife and I separated, and I began the adventure of life on my own once again.  It has been an amazing journey this past year of 2018, and with a few months left to go this year I am eager to see how things end up.  Far different from where they started, for sure.  I’ve learned a lot this year, I haven’t always put that knowledge to good use.

Raising kids at the best of times isn’t an easy process.  A lot of my struggles have documented in previous posts, I found it to be very helpful in clearing my mind and moving things forward in my life.

I stopped writing over the course of this summer, life dictated that I needed to move my family to a new town, and two months later things were finally settled.  I was planning on writing about the world of online dating, as the whole experience was an exhilarating high to an earth shattering low, and just about everything in between.  It’s a world that I am more than happy to leave far behind…

So it’s forward with life, my kids and just the pure enjoyment of writing again on a regular basis, I am not going to let others rob me of that pleasure, about what?

Who knows… it’s all part of the never ending Chaos… I Love It!