Six Kid Chaos*

Single Dad raising kids, and my passions in life.

Welcome To Six Kid Chaos*

20161011_133743_002.jpgThank you for visiting my blog!

My name is Ed Dillon and I am a single father on an adventure through life raising my four children.  Once upon a time it was Six Kid Chaos and I enjoyed every second of it, but as we all know life is constantly in motion and things always will change.  Sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad.  I started this blog in November 2017 as a way of creating an online journal for myself, as I had been writing for awhile in a book.  In conjunction with Facebook and Instagram it has been an adventure over the past several months of my life.

Walking away from an excellent paying job to be a full time father has been the best decision of my life, as the time I get to spend with my son has been priceless.  Growing a lifelong bond with him, and my daughters has been challenging, rewarding, difficult and fun all rolled into one.  I like to call it the Emotional Roller coaster, and it has been life changing to say the least and an adventure that I continue to learn from on a daily basis.

So please join me on my adventure of raising four children, my training for an Ironman 70.3 this summer and all the wonderful Sugar Cookies (and other treats) that I bake on a daily basis as I attempt to get my side hustle up and running.

I enjoy everyday that I have with my children, and hope that you can learn from my adventures.  Thank you for visiting!

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