The Great Pumpkin Turns 6

Morning cuddles rule!

Six years ago tomorrow I had one of the most rewarding and funnest days of my life, as I welcomed into the world my baby girl, Jennifer.  She was over a week overdue and I honestly think was hanging on so that she could arrive as a Halloween Trick or Treat!

We had an induction appointment scheduled for November 1st but it would turn out unneeded.  That morning started off the same as any other with my wife complaining about still being pregnant, but then again who wouldn’t being her fourth time and a week overdue.  I took all the kids to school that morning, and while Danielle was having shower the water broke and it was time to have ourselves child number five (at the time…)  To say it was a quick delivery would be an understatement, as i believe from water breaking to baby in arms was about three hours in total.

Once Jennifer was born I headed home to make dinner for our other four children and then went out trick or treating with them.  Afterwards it was right back to hospital and to Mom and Jennifer.  It was such a magical day from top to bottom!

I had the fortunate pleasure of having my birthday on July 1st, so to have a daughter with a holiday birthday was just one more way that we would be able to bond.  Every year the running joke is that all the fireworks were just for me, and while October 31st will forever be a busy day for most people, having her birthday to celebrate as well just makes it extra special.

Happy Birthday Jennifer!  Happy Halloween everyone.