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100 Day Run Challenge Update

Good afternoon everyone! Today will mark my 89th run in a row, and it almost didn’t happen.  About two weeks ago I started to doubt my ability to finish this challenge.  I was not in a good mental space and was struggling with just getting by with the day to day grind of life.  It took considerable effort just to get out the door and run during runs 76 through […]

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Quiet Time…

Every once in awhile, all of us need a vacation from well, everything!  Even silly things like a blog site, which I have had a tremendous amount of enjoyment in writing random things here…  It is an outlet of all the crazy things going on inside my head, and they all need to go somewhere.  And despite how negative some folks have gotten about what I’ve written here, and the […]

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Welcome to the Next Evolution

  Life is an ever evolving journey that will keep me on my toes right up until the day that I die, which I hope to be many years from now but in all reality who really knows? I have been doing a lot of soul searching, reflection and subconscious thinking about my future over the past several weeks.  At times in my life I have been caught in the […]

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Monkey See, Monkey Doo

I didn’t quite understand just how much my actions would influence my children’s behaviour until very recently when I had a numerous of life hard truths that I had to first face, and then overcome.  The last few months I have had the absolute pleasure of seeing the results of a positive, action lifestyle.  A few weeks ago during one of my MasterMind group calls, the topic of doing things […]

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